Equitation is a class where you are judged on the way you ride your horse. The class consists of two parts, in the first part everyone in the group rides around the outside of the arena in single file. The judge or steward will tell you when to trot and if you're up to it when to canter as a group. They will also tell you when to change the rein (and will who they want to lead the change of rein), usually this is across the diagonal line in front of the judge (so don't forget to change your trot diagonal!).

If you find yourself catching up to the horse in front or going faster than them, think about circling back into a space when it safe to do so. Make sure you don't block the judge's view of anyone else for too long!

The judge will then ask you all to pull into a line up, try and make as straight a line as possible as close together as is safe!

The next part is in an individual ‘show' where the judge can concentrate on your riding. The first person in the line up walks forward to the judge and halts next to them. The judge will tell you if they want anything ‘extra' as part of your show, this might be some sitting trot, some work without stirrups etc.

The show should be kept as short and sweet as possible! Walk away from the judge, pick up trot, trot a figure of eight (don't forget to change diagonal), make the figure of eight as big as you can. If you can canter, canter the same figure of eight OR canter a circle one way, change the rein and canter a circle the other way. Back to trot then walk back towards the judge, halt. Salute. Return to your place in the line up (go round the back of the line then slot back in your place). To salute halt, reins in one hand, drop one hand down to your side and bow your head to the judge.

If the judge asks for anything else, slot it into this basic show where you can, but remember don't make the show too long or the judge gets bored, just make sure you walk, trot and canter on each rein!

You will then walk on around the ring in single file while the judge decides her winner!

If you're unsure after reading this ASK and we'll explain!!