Christmas Gymkhana 2015 Results!

We would love any pictures you have...please email them to us!

Trying my best to remember the results if these are not right please let me know because of the torrential rain my paperwork was no more!!!!


1st Briege and Lucy Santa under the Sea
2nd Rosie and Eliza Minions
3rd Ella and Annaliese Little Miss Muffet
4th Mathew King George and His Dragon
5th Evie Grinch
6th ??? please tell me  
  Games Team 1    
1st Elizabeth  
2nd Briege  
3rd Rosie  
4th Sophie  
5th Frances  
Games Team 2  


2nd Ella
3rd Eliza
4th Evie
5th Katherine


Well Done to everyone who took part, we were very impressed by the standard of the Fancy Dress!

some pics from 2014 gymkhana!! 2015 pics are on Facebook!